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If you are looking for the best and most professional roofing service in Accra, you’ve come to the right place!


Looking for the right roofing contractor in Accra must be frustrating. Here is where we make it easier. Our company offers commercial and domestic clients affordable and trustworthy services. With years of experience, our company has built the most incredible staff with extraordinary expertise in the industry. We are here to take care off all your roofing issues such as installing new roofs, repairs (such as leaks and gutters) and much more.


Your roof does an immense amount of work to keep your family and business safe. It is essential to invest time into making sure your roof in a good condition. Your roof can either make or break your home! Roofing and gutter repairs can increase the value and attractiveness of your home! We are here to ensure that you are satisfying with the roof that you are residing in. We have roofing contractors in Accra who specialize in domestic roofing. They are professionally trained roofing experts ready for anything from simple repairs to roof installations. Of course, we also have commercial roofing contractors who focus on perfecting roofs in commercial buildings!

There can be any number of reasons why your home or business might need roofing services, here is a couple:

  1. Weather damage. Weather damage includes wind and hail damage. It can also arrive from falling unexpected debris.  
  2. Poor installation. Poor installation can be the result of trying to fix the roof without professional help or poor contactor skills.
  3. Lack of maintenance. Lack of maintenance comes from not worrying about your roof and waiting a long time to fix it.
  4. Or maybe you just want to improve the quality of your house (new house or selling a house)

Regardless of the type of work that your roof may require; either simple repairs, cleaning, quick maintenance or anything heavy duty such as installing a completely new roof, we will get right on it, just give us a quick call!


Our roofing professionals are ready for any emergency roof restoration and leaking roof repair in Accra. There are always contractors available in case of any emergency, such as a leak! We are always open to hearing and giving advice to your concerns. It is important to keep a head up for leaks, as they can be very problematic if left unfixed. We are quick to respond to your needs, our clients love it!


“How hard can fixing a roof really be, I can do it myself,” you might try to convince yourself.

Here is why hiring a professional roofing contractor will make your life easier.

  1. You most likely do not have the right experience to determine what kind of repair your roof actually requires. Our roofing contractors are trained to know what to do in every situation.
  2. You’ll end up wasting money on material that you don’t actually need and have to spend more money on getting the right equipment. With time you will realize you don’t want to keep wasting money and eventually hire a roof contractor.
  3. You probably don’t have enough time to give your roof the attention and effort that it needs. Therefore, your roof will never get properly fixed.
  4. SAFETY. Our roofing contractors are trained to work in hazard heights and environment. They use safety equipment and gear to prevent any accidents. Falling off roofs while trying to fix them is a common accident.


Get your roof fixed sooner than later, professional leaking roof repair Accra!

The longer it takes for a contractor to fix your roof, the more expensive that it will cost you. The damage that resides in your roof and gutter only gets more extensive over time. Getting a new roof or roof repairs can be an investment themselves, make sure you are avoiding unnecessary cost by waiting too long. Letting leaks and gutter issues get out of hand will cause long-term and expensive damage to your home or business.


Roof and gutter repairs in Accra!

Disregarding and ignoring your gutter issues in your home or business can be easy but expensive with time. Keeping your guttering clean and continuously checking it can be very unpleasant and a waste of time, that’s why our roofing contractors in Accra are here to help. Guttering issues can arrive from heavy rain. Due to our extensive experience with gutters leaks in Accra, we know just the right products and equipment to use to save you money. We will provide you with guaranteed repairs that will avoid any further issues in your home or business.


So how much will my repair or new roof cost me?

Accra Roofing repairs and installments can vary in price. Accra Roofs can seem like a big investment, therefore, it is essential to get more than one quote. Comparing the quality of the service with the price will be the key to cutting cost. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that roof services go a long way if it is a good-quality service. A low-quality service and poor experience will increase the money that you’ll need to invest.


Our goal as a company is to provide outstanding, quick and valuable service for your home or business. Our mission is to provide the best service at the most affordable price. Our expertise in the industry has resulted in positive feedback from our clients. Our contractors are ready to give you the service that you are looking to get. Get your roof fixed today!


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